Are you up for it?

Power House Rugby Union Football Club in Melbourne takes on all comers from Australian Rugby Union Clubs starting November 10 2018 to see who can enrol the most Bone Marrow Donors and Blood (or plasma) donors.

  1.  The Club with the most enrolled donors by the close of the competition wins.
  2. To be included in a Club’s tally, the donor must be a current member or supporter of an Australian Rugby Club over 18 years of age registered to donate blood,  bone marrow or blood stem cells with the Australian Red Cross or the Australian Bone Marrow Registry (ABMR) and have either donated blood or plasma, or completed the necessary ABMDR enrolment form and provided an appropriate blood sample for determining tissue type and agreed to to become a bone marrow/blood stem donor if required.
  3. The most points for donations or registrations in the period wins.
  4. One point is awarded for each club member who enrolls (or is enrolled) in either service at the conclusion of the First Challenge on February 10, 2019.
  5. Bonus points are awarded for actual donations or bone marrow matches during the competition period on the basis on one point for every blood or plasma donation and ten points 50 points for a successful bone marrow match (whether or not the match process has been completed during the competition period.
  6. The ARC Blood Service will maintain a Register of all donors on its database and will be the sole judge of the tally at the completion of the competition.
  7. To enter, all clubs must complete the Entry Form on this website and submit it to PHRUFC.