An Initiative to Encourage more people in Australia to become Bone Marrow Donors

Leukemia is a rare form of blood cancer that is very hard to cure without the support of another person’s donated blood. People of all ages from all over the world are struck down with this disease and finding the right blood match is vital for their hopes to become cancer-free. The solution can be as simple as the right matching person giving blood for one day.

Peter Selby, a former player of the Power House Rugby Union Club in Victoria, himself a leukemia sufferer, has started a campaign to educate young rugby players on the importance of donating blood and registering as Bone Marrow Donors.

With the support of his rugby mates and the Power House Rugby Union Club, they have come together, “strapped on the boots” and are now taking on a more important opponent called Leukemia in the Rugby Club Donation Challenge!

*The spelling of the word leukaemia (or leukemia) is a matter of personal choice. In non-medical circles, it seems most people in Australia spell it leukemia. As information on thiswebsite comes from various sources, you may notice the spelling change throughout the text. We have opted to leave the spelling as it appears in the source text.


Estimated number of new cases of leukaemia diagnosed in 2017 in Australia:

3,875 = 2,358 males + 1,517 females.


Become part of the Power House Rugby Union Club team.


Work together and share the knowledge…


Joining the Bone Marrow Registry is simple, easy and free.

  • If you are aged 18-44, just call the Red Cross Blood Bank on 13 14 95  to book an appointment. You will need to specifically request to join the Bone Marrow Registry.
  • Go to your nearest Red Cross collection Centre.
  • Get a small sample of your blood taken*. That’s it!

*You can also make a standard blood or plasma donation on the same day; so it’s double the good deed!